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The National Dredging Program – PND

by Janaina Ramalho published May 07, 2014 05:48 PM, last modified May 26, 2014 11:03 AM

The Brazilian ports are in a prosperous moment for their specific modernization and efficiency after the publication in 2013 of the new Port Regulatory Framework (Law No. 12,815).

In order to attain the full use of the entire national potential, it is necessary to consolidate a reliable transport network that assures constant frequency to the shipping lines aiming to comply with the increasing demand consuming and production centers as well as last year’s evolution on vessel size.

The National Dredging Program (PND1) came with Law No. 11,610, 2007 and its intention is to offer and develop solutions to reduce the bottlenecks that reduce the maritime access to Brazilian ports.

The PND 1 has inaugurated the concept of “output based dredging contracts” that includes the constant work aiming to maintain the depth conditions established in the project for as long as 10 years,.

Launched in 2007, its primary goal was to dredge the ports through the removal of sunken material and layer digging and rock blasting, besides depth maintenance and environmental license actions. As a result, PND 1 made possible the removal of 73 million cubic meters volume and R$1.6 billion investment.

As for PND 2, launched in 2012, it integrates the Logistic Investment Program – Ports (Pil-Portos) and foresees the deepening and later depth maintenance of the access canals, turning basis and mooring berths, on long term contract and possibility of economy of scale. For the next 10 years a R$3.8 billion investment is estimated for maintenance dredging works in the country.

The Presidency Secretariat for Ports (SEP/PR) is the PND manager and also the institution responsible for the procurement process that includes the call for public consulting for Terms of Reference and release work of bidding documents for the engineering works. The bidding documents will establish the rules and the procedures for enterprises to take part in this process and the definite regulation applicable for deepening and maintenance dredging works.

The bidding documents also detail the deadline for each stage and eventual improvement suggested during the public hearings or throughout the process. These documents are also a part of the draft of the contract which stipulates the rights and obligations of the future contracted firm, facilitating the understanding of the bidders

Aditional information about the bidding document, pertinent legislation and technical specifications about the port dredging bidding process are available at the website, on the link “Licitações”.

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