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From the Minister

by Janaina Ramalho last modified Jul 02, 2014 10:08 AM

June 12, 2014 - The Brazilian port sector is going through an extremely favorable moment for private investments. The new regulatory framework (Law 12.815/2013) created an institutional environment which stimulates the opening of new business opportunities including, among others, the leasing of terminals in public ports.

Our forecast indicates that investments in the Port Terminal Leasing Program, which is part of the Logistics Investment Program (PIL-Ports), will reach US$ 7,5 billion in the next five years. We expect to have the first leasing contracts still signed within 2014.

Besides port terminal leasings, the authorizations for Private Use Terminals (TUPs), which now may also handle third party cargos, are expected to attract large investments to Brazil. It was quite stimulating to see the interest of several companies during the road show I carried out in April to Panama City and Washington-DC to present such programs.

In order to enable and facilitate the general understanding of investors about the new port business opportunities in Brazil, we are now inaugurating this English version site of the Port Secretariat of the Presidency. In here, each company or holding will be able to obtain information about international tenders related to port works, such as dredging and port construction and about the main government actions for investment incentives.

From this initial contact, the investor or company will be able to get directly in touch with the technical area of the Port Secretariat which is in charge of detailing each initiative, including the National Dredging Program, which is also part of the PIL-Ports, where an estimated amount of US$ 1,7 billion shall be invested in the next 10 years in different ports in Brazil.

Last but not least, I would like to stress that the participation of the private sector will be of major importance for the provisioning of port infrastructure to the country. Our main objective is to increase the capacity of our port system and modernize its activities, in order to make it suitable for the expected continuous growth of Brazilian foreign trade.

Thank You!

Antonio Henrique Silveira
Minister of the Secretariat of Ports